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Nutrition Corner

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Nutrition Corner

Why and how do I get fat?

There are many factors which contribute to being fat of an individual.  One interesting fact is the fat cell development.

It is obvious that when a person eats more than what he requires or uses for work, much of the excess energy is stored in fat cells.  The amount of fat that a person stores in his body reflects both the number and size of the fat cells.  Late childhood and early puberty is the period when the fat cells increase fastest.  Obese children tend to increase more fat cells than lean children.

The fat cells can increase in size.  They may also divide when they reach their maximum size.  Obesity develops when an individual’s fat cell increase in number and size or both.

Fat cells shrink in size but not in number with fat loss.  So people with extra fat cell may tend to regain the weight that they’ve lost because they only shrink their fat cells and not reducing the number.

It is most critical to prevent obesity during the growing years when the number of cell is increasing.

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Nutrition Corner

Nutrition Corner Nutrition Corner

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