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Bettalife International


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Bettalife started its humble operations in the heart of the city in June 2002.

In 2003 SARS hit Singapore hard but Bettalife took it well.  It surged above the waters when top medical doctors and overseas senior naturopaths came together to educate and raise awareness of the need to fortify our bodies to fight diseases.  Bettalife braved the storm of recession in 2005 and became wiser.

A new management took over the reigns of the company, making it now 100% Singapore-owned.  During 2007 & 2008, the owners took time off to rebrand and restructure for the future. 

By mid-2008 Bettalife took root at a brand new office cum showroom at The Alexcier, Alexandra Road, at the fringe of the city!  It promises greater excitement, better facilities, wider scope of wellness and lifestyle products and services for its clients’ enjoyment.  The giant has awaken!


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Success Stories

 Success Stories
At Bettalife, we strive to produce results. Our Weight Loss and Detox programs are safe, healthy and effective.

BMI Calculator

 BMI Calculator

Nutrition Corner

Nutrition Corner Nutrition Corner

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Corporate Philosophy

Health Health
Wellness Wellness
Lifestyle Lifestyle


 Aloe Vera Drinking Gel
At Bettalife, we offer you authenticated pure 99.8% organically grown Aloe Vera Concentrate.

Arthritis Relief

Shark Cartilage   Shark Cartilage
Providing temporary relief of arthritic pain, our Shark Cartilage is fully certified pharmaceautical grade and 100% pure ocean cleansed.


Aloe 20+ Booster Aloe 20+ Booster
With over 20 organically grown herbs, Bettalife’s Aloe 20+ Booster helps protect your body against free radicals, maintain a healthy digestive system and give you back your energy!

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