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Bettalife International

Spa Experience

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hydro-aroma spa 

This supersonic bubble spa mechanism uses temperature, pressure, water currents and the buoyancy of the immersed body to achieve a therapeutic effect.  The air jets and bubbles exert forces that massage and relax the body.

This spa set helps to reduce inflammation, aches, pains, improve circulation & promote the healing of wounds.  Such method of hydrotherapy incorporates the usage of ozone, ultrasound and negatively charged ions to stimulate effects produced by mineral, hot spring and waterfall baths.  Hundred thousands of small energy bubbles that is generated from this Spa unit, press & stimulate the whole body every second: massaging 320 acupoints across the body thus relaxing the nervous system ...

The Japanese Medical Researchers confirmed that ultrasonic ozone bubble baths have 25 health benefits. 

Call +65 9026 5691 to book your appointment to experience this bubbling massage spa or click here to register your interest.

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