Weight Management


weight management

Who will find success in weight loss or weight management? Anyone can! At Bettalife, we take time in understanding our clients’ needs and you are assured of unique personalized programs designed just for you. Thus the proposal for your long-term solution to weight maintenance is most effective.

Weight Loss Package

This protein sparing modified weight-loss program with a customized menu plan & nutritional supplementation ensures a safe, effective & rapid weight and fat loss program. We take our clients through at least 10 steps on how to achieve that desired healthy and shapely figure within a specific time frame. He/she will be fit for life as our program combines pleasurable spa experiences and enjoyable exercises.

Weight Gain Package

Toning & gaining lean muscles in addition to increasing weight healthily are the focus for this group of health enthusiasts. Besides dietary analysis, our clients will benefit from essential dietary and nutritional tips for those who need to increase their weight levels in order to be in greater pink of health. We work in partnership with those who falls under this category.

Weight Management Package

A personalized maintenance plan is designed to ensure long term sustenance of our clients’ ideal weight. This ranges from children to adolescent right to those adults beyond 30s.


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